I have discussed the importance of keyword research using free keyword tools. You can use these keyword suggestion tools in finding niches and creating keyword rich contents. In my last article I discussed about an experiment I performed to discover niches using free keyword tools. In this article I have reviewed 11 free keyword selection tools that you can use immediately to improve your contents and discover niches to launch your online business.

Google Adwords Keyword Tool: Though the tool is meant for launching Google Adwords campaign, you can use it for creating keyword rich contents. You start with a small set of short keyword phrases and discover new words used by Google searchers. For example, if you start with the phrase budget hotel, the tool will suggest new related keywords like hotel discounts, budget hotel booking, budget hotel rates, budget hotel room, etc.

Using the newly found keyword ideas related to your niche, you can create contents based on those keywords. These contents can be used for article marketing, ad campaign, blog post, etc. If you already have a site full of contents, you can use the tool to find new keywords to create more contents in your niches.

WordTracker Keyword Suggestion: The free version only lists the top 100 related keywords. You can subscribe for their newsletter to receive regular articles, case studies, and tips to increase your web traffic based on keyword research.

Keyword Discovery: Enter your seed keyword, e.g. budget hotel, and the tool will list the top 100 related keywords. You have to deal with a captcha for each search.

SEO Book Keyword Suggestion: This free tool displays results from WordTracker, Google, Yahoo!, and MSN tools for related keywords including the daily search volume of each keyword. The keywords are linked to Google Trends, Yahoo! Suggest, Google Blog Search, etc. You will be able to determine what people are talking about your topic and the type of resources they are referencing.

Niche Bot Classic: You can create an account and log-in before you start searching for keyword ideas using this tool. If you don’t log-in, you have to enter an annoying captcha everytime you intiate a search. This tools has a nifty feature to find Google trends, synonym keywords, Yahoo! answers, etc. for each suggested keywords from wihtin the tool. You can launch this feature by clicking on the + sign next to each keyword.

Good Keywords: This is a downloadable free software for PC users. You download the software and install it in your computer. They also have a gold version of the software which you can buy. When you are starting out in your online business, you don’t have to buy the gold software. The free version will meet your needs. You can also download a free ebooks - Keyword Primer For Beginners from their site.

SpyFu: This is an advanced keyword research tools and the free version is severely limited. You can browse keywords based on categories and industries. For category and industry search, you may have to drill down to subcategories to find popular terms. The tool also displays pay per click adverting costs and the websites that are actively advertising in search engines.

Miva Keyword Generator: Simple to use tool and the captcha is easy to read. You enter your keyword and the tool generates a list of related keyword. For example, for cheap hotel, I found a related keyword last minute cheap hotel. If your website is about budget hotel, you can create a section called last minute cheap hotel and create new contents to that section.

7 Search: A simple tool that also shows previous month’s search volume and ad estimates for advertising on their search network.

KwMap: A Keyword Map for the whole internet, that’s what they say about their site. I really don’t know what exactly it means. I like it because you don’t have solve those annoying captchas. For budget hotel, I found a great related keyword - budget accomodation.

IotaWeb: If you are thinking to start a blog and moneitize it using Goolge Adsense, this is a great resource. You enter a keyword and the tool will diplay a list of high value adsense keywords. For example, I entered credit card, the tool listed 52 high value related keywords like, card consolidate credit, best card credit, credit card fraud.

This free keyword tool list will definitely help you in your keyword research when you dont’ want to spend money for advanced kyword research. If you are using any tools mentioned above, please leave your thoughts in the comment section below. If you are using some other free tool I forgot to mention, please post their url and your experience with the tool in the comment section.