Thursday, October 22, 2009


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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Focus Is The Best

You are still interested in doing business online? Good. Okay.

This hook I will give a simple but important tips, which unfortunately many forget their online business, especially a beginner. About what? About FOCUS IN BUSINESS.

Take a good look:

Yesterday there was an acquaintance of mine complained, why I did not succeed in business online?

Then I asked: did you already tried anything online business?

Then he mentioned the businesses that he struggled. Quite a lot and big businesses all. But because of that I became suspicious, how he could wrestle these businesses properly and correctly?

Finally I asked: how much you try to wrestle (one only) business?

Apparently, not too deep. Why? Because of fragmented thoughts into a business, to business B, C business, and so on ...

So there he was the answer, he did not focus on one particular business.

As a beginner he should (and probably you) are just learning to do business online Focus on one area of business first. Do not try that stuff.

The problem is, your time is limited, your funds, your concentration too limited. So you should not ever try to run many businesses at once before you settled on one particular business.

If you're in business now Adsense, focus there. If the PTC business, focus there. If the play affiliates, focus was also there. Do not ever confuse many businesses at once!

It is far better to wait a business that you're living now a well-established first, and start another business.

Focus, focus, focus, focus, focus! That's what I teach to my clients.

Focus on one business, get into to the. Focus, focus, focus, focus, focus!

With a focus in business, you will know more about the business. With know more you can better optimize the way you work, how you use your time, your way to make big profits with minimal capital, and so on.

Dna the most important, any attempt at first though difficult, will eventually be able to be easy, can even be successful with your focus there.

Once with the story of the stone with the hole because the water is always continuous ditetesi at a point (focus jatuhnyya water)? Well, that's what the focus, that's the power of focus.

Do not be too worried if your business is not yet so advanced, I also used to be so kok, even I failed once. But I learned a lot from these failures, one that I learned is that I failed because it did not focus on the business which I live.

As a result, I do not know the ins and outs of the business with detail, I do not know the tricks tips related to that business, and I do not know to what and how. In the end, failed.

Well, you certainly do not want to experience the same thing with me right? Therefore learn from my experience (and thousands of others), that is: you have to focus on whatever business you are running now.

Focus, focus, focus, focus, focus!

Hopefully helpful!
Hail most successful success!
Haryo "The Gold Hand" Prabowo
Doing business with the heart, to do business with ethics.